7AM on Wednesday the 8th of October, got off the plane after the redeye run to Sydney. Caught about 23 minutes of sleep (not a good flyer), but looking forward to this event. We’ve been Google Partners for a while now, using Google Web Services for even longer, but since the algorithm upgrades of 2013, we felt it became a lot harder to build value in the Google SEO services we were on selling to our clients. So this event would hopefully shed some light on where we were headed.

Coffee 1 – the event starts in an hour so I better make it – Scratch that, I better not fall asleep – Damn, Sydney public transport is so good – Thanks Google Maps.

I arrive with 3 minutes to spare, we all get welcomed at the Doltone House behind the Sydney Maritime Museum. Glad to see so many attendees, the excitement grows. Dave Booth of Cardinal Path takes to the stage to present the latest Google Adwords developments. It was interesting to see David present that and not a Google person but overall we got a more balanced presentation I think. There are many things Google Partners don’t like about the state of Google’s current professional tools and services so I was glad to both hear about improvements from a non Google person.

Coffee 2 – New Google tools, new opportunities for our clients and for ourselves. Remarketing seems to be the new keyword in SEO nowadays. It makes sense, why not go after the prospects that almost made a purchase instead of chasing new leads.

Coffee 4 – Not good for my health – all this SEO & Adwords talk got me thinking: Time to write some proposals. In the end SEO value is to prove to your clients it is working for their business, and today’s event helped us deliver that in a more spectacular way – conversion tracking and advanced segmentation is definitely one point we can improve on and something we are sure our clients will appreciate. Oh and must not forget about the interesting new developments to the Google Local Business platform, we always encourage and sign up our clients to this free directory and now Google is putting even more emphasis on it which is fantastic. Local is definitely a plus for SEO.


All in all I believe we can begin to infuse even more value in the Search Engine Optimisation services we offer here at Alien Intelligence. It was also fantastic to learn we now have access to an Australian based Google AdWords Management Team, here to help with the finer details of running advertising campaigns for our clients on the Google platform. Great to know that we are looked after as Google Partners. We made some great contacts, especially within Google which is great. It was nice seeing you again Sydney… now it’s time for the flight back to Perth… redeye 🙁


About O R

Ovidiu Radu is the founding owner of Alien Intelligence, a Perth born Digital Agency. Ovidiu has advised and worked with companies all over Australia, Asia and Europe, helping develop relevant new age ideas for the digital world. Ovidiu has extensive experience in online and search marketing, responsive website development and mobile app development, which has helped Alien Intelligence define its clear path in the market.

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