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The Hosted PBX phone system has become increasing popular for many different types of businesses & organizations over the last few years.


What is a Hosted PBX Phone System? 


A hosted PBX system is a private branch exchange phone setup that is delivered as a hosted service. It has all the bells and whistles of any modern business telephone system, however it leverages the cloud for operations. This means that there is no need to physically store expensive telephone equipment on a business’s premises.


In addition, hosted systems make use of lower cost VoIP technology without sacrificing quality. For businesses with a tight budget & high demand, it’s an excellent option. Hosted PBX systems can handle everything from faxing, voicemail, call recording, automated greetings, conference calling, calling logs, call auditing, IVR menus, queuing and more. Additionally, if you already have an existing business line, you will be able to retain your number if you decide to switch your current system to Hosted PBX.


Other Phone Systems


Of course not every business is the same & a Hosted PBX system is not right for every situation. There are a wide variety of phone system options on the market.


Options include:


VoIP Phone Systems: Voice over Internet Protocol (voice over IP, VoIP or IP telephony) is technology that delivers voice communications & multimedia over the internet.

Just like Hosted PBX, advantages of this type of business phone system include low cost & abundant features. Due to bandwidth efficiency and other factors, VoIP technology can help companies save substantially compared to traditional copper-wire systems. Due to this, in the last several years, businesses and governments have moved in mass to VoIP. Functionality including call extensions, conference calls, voicemail, queue options, hold, multiple lines & more.

Selecting the right phone system to meets the needs of a business can be confusing with a wide range of options, hardware & software. We recommend you contact a reputable phone system installation company for professional advice & assistance.



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