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Welcome to Alien Intelligence! We are passionate about helping companies bring innovative and disruptive digital products to life. Our deep expertise and code skills range from Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data to Responsive Web Development, IoT, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality and more. We have a fantastic team of large headed “out of this World” beings who represent the essence of what makes Alien Intelligence unique.

Our point of difference? We’re not stuck in the past! We made it our mission to be at the forefront of all digital trends and technologies. Our job is to introduce you to new opportunities and equip your business with the absolute best Digital Services. We have something to offer and we’re showcasing it all on our website. If you think this is “out of this World”, then welcome to our World!

When it comes to Web Design and Mobile Application Development, we stand proud! The products we deliver are not only smart, responsive and functional but they look sharp and modern. We cram in the latest design ideas yet manage to keep the layout simple and clean. To us a good user experience is the ultimate goal to a successful website or mobile app.

  • We build state of the art responsive websites with mobile friendly UX/UI
  • We build mobile applications to help place a point of sale directly in your customer’s hand
  • We understand social media and search engine optimisation to maximise your exposure
  • We architect Artificially Intelligent solutions for the new age of cloud computing

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Mobile App Development Perth

Looking for a stellar mobile application developer in Perth? Look no further! Mobile Devices are here to stay. Mobile Applications are a perfect way to interact with your Brand’s Audience through mobile phones and tablets. They can turn your client’s device into a Point of Contact or even a full Point of Sale. The sky is the limit and we’re here to turn your ideas into reality.

Responsive Web Design Perth

Looking for a clever Web Design Firm in Perth? More than half of Worldwide Internet and over 76% of Australian Internet users browse websites from their mobile devices. If your website is not optimised for mobile devices, then you may be losing customers. Our Websites are Responsive which means they can be viewed on traditional desktops as well as all mobile devices. Now that’s clever! One website not three, you do the math.

Search Engine Optimisation Perth

Looking for SEO in Perth? 82% of buyers search using Google before making a purchase, which means your website’s visibility in search engines is crucial to achieving your online goals. We can increase your website’s exposure by applying search engine approved practices,  advanced analytics as well as paid keyword bidding to gain you an advantage.

eCommerce Solutions Perth

Looking for a Web Design Firm in Perth to implement a shopping cart on your website? How about putting a shopping cart on your Facebook page? The Internet and the birth of Mobile Devices have changed the way businesses think about retail. By 2016 online traffic will drive over 60% of the Worldwide Retail Industry. Our fully automated eCommerce Solutions put you in control of a new revenue stream.

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NewsResponsive DesignSEO

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Google is preparing an update rollout on April 21st 2015 which will affect websites that are NOT responsive or mobile…
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Google prepares a blow for non responsive websites. Are you ready?

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Looking for Web Developer in Perth? Who else better qualified than a large headed outer space Alien?

Always Coded to Pixel Perfection

Are you ready to show off with a Responsive Website and make some jaws drop?

Design To Brag About

When it comes to Web Design Perth and Australia, we stand proud! Our websites are not only smart, responsive and functional but they look awesome at the same time. We cram in the absolute latest design ideas yet keeping the layout simple and clean. The website you’re reading this on stands as testament to our capabilities. Awesome right?

Easily Customisable

At Alien Intelligence | Web Design Perth we focus not only on the user’s experience but also on making the website easy to maintain and customise. Our intuitive back end systems make changing content a breeze. You’re in control of your graphics, media and text from any device, from any location in the World and at any given time. When the time comes to refresh the look of your website, you can do so in minutes.

Loaded With Power & Flexibility

At Alien Intelligence | Web Design Perth we build websites on Content Management Systems (CMS), WordPress being our most powerful offering. This means we empower your website to become whatever it needs to be. With a few clicks it can be an eCommerce Solution, an Online Booking Facility or maybe a eLearning Portal. This means your site will work for you, not the other way around.

Backed by Alien Intelligence Website Management

Yes, you will be in control of your website 24/7, but what happens when managing your business requires more of your attention? That’s where we come in. For an affordable monthly rate we can help customise and update your website content whilst keeping an eye on search engines, web traffic statistics and possible website faults. You focus on your business, we’ve got you covered!

Clean Modern Code

At Alien Intelligence | Web Design Perth we know Clean Code equals Search Engine Optimisation. Our websites come with the type of code Search Engines love. As of the second half of 2013 Google rewards websites which employ the most modern coding tactics therefore helping the Search Engine understand better what your website is all about. The simpler the code the easier it is to read. And Search Engines love to read code.

Ready for the Social Media age

Brands interact with their clients in a whole new way. It’s exciting, alive and engaging. At Alien Intelligence | Web Design Perth we build websites ready for the Social Media era, bringing down the walls and connecting with web traffic to and from your Social Media Channels. We bring Social Media feeds to your website whilst placing website components on Social Media Channels (such as shopping carts and booking facilities).

By far the best Web Design Firm I've ever worked with. If you're in Perth or anywhere else in Australia and want a web developer you can talk English to, call Alien Intelligence! They truly understood the look I was going for and completely nailed it! I would highly recommend them as a Web Design Company in Perth, you simply won't find a better team!

Terraze Ashfold, Arts Edge Gallery

I'm wondering why I never contacted these guys sooner! Seriously, they all have commendable talent in their respective fields and blew me away with how easily they found web design solutions and integrated them to achieve my goals. I can't believe I wasted the last 4 years trying to build the different aspects of a website with people who did not get me. Thanks for an amazing experience Alien Intelligence Web Design Perth!

Trisha McCagh, Animal Talk

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