SEO Perth (Search Engine Optimisation Perth) by Alien Intelligence Web Design Services

SEO Perth (Search Engine Optimisation Perth)

According to Google, since the last half of 2013, no SEO company can guarantee rankings in Google search results anymore. Furthermore those types of SEO services are considered a scam. This is due to some major upgrades into how Google ranks websites and what it places most value on. If your SEO company in Perth told you they can guarantee your page rankings they are scamming you and you should read on.
SEO Perth, Search Engine Optimisation Perth by Alien Intelligence

SEO for better exposure

Your website is a mirror image of your company, business, brand or store. It not only has to carry across your marketing message but it also has to be visible on the World Wide Web. This is where our SEO Perth Services come in. Our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO Perth) tactics are in line with the latest Google guidelines, ensuring best results for our clients. We employ a mixture of Pay Per Click (PPC), Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Contextual Advertising to increase your website’s exposure.

SEO for happier visitors

Your website has to have a good text base to teach search engines what it is all about. In order to satisfy this requirement we take a good look at what your brand stands for, what type of clientele it is trying to reach and what content it is broadcasting. We then carefully examine Google Trends & Insights data as well as Google Analytics data to come up with the perfect wording strategy for each and every page. That’s right each page has to present unique rich content to ensure your visitors’ time is well spent clicking on your links.

SEO for better profits

Over 80% of online buyers use a search engine like Google before making a purchase. So it makes sense to optimise our pages so that search engines can better understand what your website is all about. The more a search engine understands, the more comfortable it is to recommend your website in a search result. With Alien Intelligence SEO Perth Services we can optimise your website for better exposure in front of your visitors. More exposure increases the changes for your call to action to be successful.