Is your website mobile friendly?

Over 76% of Internet Users are mobile!
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Responsive Web Design

If your website is not optimised to be viewed on mobile devices you may be losing customers. Over 76% of Australian Internet users browse the Internet from their mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. We design web sites that can be viewed on desktops as well as mobile devices. The goal is to make the website compatible and adapt itself to devices with different resolutions and sizes and that’s what we do here: Responsive Web Design Perth by Alien Intelligence. One website to rule all devices.

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What is responsive web design?

To reduce the likelihood of losing visitors by not having a mobile friendly website, a responsive website is designed to automatically adjust webpage layouts for optimal content display on any screen size or resolution. For more information check out the video below.

Responsive design for better business performance

Statistics say mobile browsing has overtaken desktop browsing in 2014. Businesses are now adopting new digital strategies to provide users a better experience on their mobile devices and Responsive Web Design is the number one such solution. Secondly you’ll also lower your development costs because going for a Responsive Website means you’ll only need to build one website, not three.

Responsive design for SEO

Since April 2015 Google announced it will reward responsive websites with better ranking in mobile search results. Search engines such as Google prefer responsive websites because these provide the end user a better browsing experience. Google’s business is to show the end user a website with the best content and best user experience for their search query.  In conclusion if your website is mobile friendly, Google will reward you for it.

Is your website mobile friendly?

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