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eCommerce will drive over 60% of Worldwide retail sales by 2016
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eCommerce Solutions Perth, Australia by Alien Intelligence – we pride ourselves in creating, implementing and integrating eCommerce Solutions that are very economical to run, extremely easy to use and, most importantly, fully automated. This ensures you can focus on what you do best instead of having to spend hours updating your online shopping cart or eCommerce website. Our solutions are intuitive for your visitors as well as for yourself.

eCommerce Solutions Perth ready for mobile

Over 60% of Worldwide retail sales will be driven by eCommerce. In 2014 we have seen mobile internet traffic surpassing traditional desktop internet traffic. As a matter of fact over 76% of Australians browse the Internet from their mobile devices. So it makes sense to build an eCommerce Solution that will accommodate for all of that traffic otherwise your eCommerce Website will be missing out on business. At Alien Intelligence eCommerce Solution Perth, we’ve got you covered. With our expertise in Responsive Web Design, your next eCommerce Solution will rock!

eCommerce Solutions Perth ready for social media

Many people don’t realise how important social media presence and engagement is for their business. Others don’t even know that these days you can sell your products right on your Facebook page. At Alien Intelligence we understand how powerful Social Media can be, and we’ve created eCommerce Solutions that fit right into that picture, Shopping Carts that can be attached to your Facebook page, Online Shops for Facebook, Online Booking Facilities for Facebook and much more. Place your products where your customers are!

eCommerce Solutions Perth fully automated

We’re talking about an eCommerce Solution that will present your products and categories in a modern way, have a fully functional shopping cart for the best online shopping experience, calculate postage automatically based on your favourite logistics company current rates, take payment in a secure and intuitive way, send a receipt/invoice upon a completed purchase, allow a virtual download if necessary, create a packing slip if required, deposit the money into your account, etc. And all of that without any assistance from you! How does that sound?