The eVista Augmented Reality App was an amazing project to be a part of!

eVista bridges real with virtual, enhancing what your eyes see with rich content, useful information and making lifeless objects “tap friendly”. Brands all over the world choose to take advantage of augmented reality’s power so don’t be surprised if everyday objects present in your life today are already able to communicate with you.

Download eVista for free from the AppStore

From the Retail industry to Real Estate and even Museums, eVista is creating a rave. Pictures in your favourite magazine come to life and tell their story, real estate property cards can now show a virtual video tour 24/7, even business cards can now speak. The sky is the limit and eVista is there to bridge reality with virtuality, allowing real life objects to be enhanced by rich virtual content. Download it for free and check out the cool demo below.

Available on the AppStore Demo eVista Now

Download eVista for free from Google Play

No we haven’t forgotten you Android users. You can now enjoy eVista in all its glory on your Android smartphone and tablet. You may see it in your favourite catalogue, magazine or museum. We’re constantly on the prowl for new industries to adopt eVista as their new and fancy way of delivering their marketing pitch. And when you do come across the eVista logo, get ready to be blown away. Augmented Reality is a new technology that creates such wonderful expressions from people who’ve experienced it for the first time. Download the app then visit the eVista website for a cool demo.

Android App on Google Play Demo eVista Now

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