A unique challenge

When we met the guys at OviDrive®™ back in 2015 we were captivated by the concept. An idea that would see the industry of vehicle management turned on its head. None of the team members foresaw however that OviDrive®™ would position itself as a true disruptor to the industry, a West Australian unicorn.

We loved this project so much that we ended up joining the OviDrive®™ team. It was one of the largest, most complex systems we’ve ever built. Combining vehicle On Board Diagnostic devices, a cross-platform Mobile App, all linked to a state of the art – custom build – cloud based ERP, to deliver the World’s first Machine Learning powered – end to end vehicle management solution.

OviDrive®™  aims to transform vehicle management through automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence encapsulated in a simple, elegant, innovative and robust solution.

It was a lot of work to get OviDrive®™ to an MVP stage, but we are proud to be part of the team and we are looking forward to the MVP release in the first part of 2018.

Concept strategy, architecture, planning and documentation

This stage involved us understanding the vision, deliverables, components, business plan and goals. During this part of the process, our task was to diagram, document and wireframe the project, aiming this product to solve problems.

Coding – Web/iOS/Android

We’ve dedicated a team of 10 to this project, coding started mid 2016. The project is ran in an Agile environment over 2 week sprints. We have a flat team organisation, everyone is positioned at the same level and is constantly in direct communication with each-other, from coder to tester.

Interface Design – UI/UX

This project included an iOS and Android mobile app connected to a cloud based ERP application. All three interfaces needed to be designed based on the existing wire frames and planning from the previous stage. Fun yet important, as it can make or break the end user experience.

Branding & Website Design

The final touch was branding OviDrive®™ and building the customer facing website. The brand is based around two main colours: purple – which stands for creative, wise, imaginative; blue – which stands for strong, dependable, trustworthy. The logo is a digital brain conveying the message of a true industry disruptor.