The challenge

Food waste costs South Africa more than R60 billion a year all along the Value Chain (farming, production, distribution, consumption). In parallel, the average food basket costs have increased by 15% since March 2015 and for some basic items, including bread, maize meal and milk, having seen increases of almost 50% over the past 6 months! Every day, many items must be removed from the shelves because they reached the expiry dates although they can still be eaten without any danger. Instead of wasting fresh food, we prefer consumers to take advantage of best prices while improving their ethical behaviour.

JustNow is a system that helps both large and small businesses save money while increasing revenue and client engagement. This is achieved by reducing fresh food waste through the use of a smart advertising mobile application.

Offers for products that are about to go o the shelf are being broadcasted live to consumers that have the Just Now application installed and match the right shopper profile.

What We Delivered

An iOS and Android mobile app plus an intuitive back end. JustNow was built using Laravel 5.2. We used Laravel Socialite for the Facebook and Google+ login and JSON Web Tokens for the API authentification. We have also worked with Firebase Cloud Messaging for the push notifications and built the front-end with the help of HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and Bootstrap.