Animal Talk from Perth has chosen Alien Intelligence to design their Responsive Website complete with a fantastic 3D story slider, a fully integrated eCommerce Solution and Social Media channel connections. On the other hand the Animal Talk Institute saw us implementing a fully automated eLearning Platform, ready to sell courses online, teach students, quiz them, mark them and release certificates with no human input required.


This project was interesting on so many levels. Not only because we have met a person with extraordinary abilities, Trisha McCagh, but also because the extent of this project was in many ways unique and extremely challenging. Trisha was in the market for a local website design company here in Perth, who would have the capability to take her old website plus a full document on features which have been promised but never finished, revamp it and take it to new extremes. The list of requirements was huge but after a good look we were able to solve most problems by untangling the path she’s been put on before us and lead her to technologies which will actually fulfil the requirements and beyond. The result is a stunning website with more features than any other we have ever built before. It comes with a fully automated eCommerce Solution, a wonderfully versatile Online Event Booking facility complete with an online payment module, Social Media channel integration, a completely autonomous eLearning Solution with builtin payment module and certificate generator, a blog, newsletter integration and direct sound and video streaming to her website pages. To top it all off we’ve also integrated her online shop and online booking facility directly in her Facebook page! So Trisha is now selling her books, CDs and live events both on her website and on her Facebook page, maximising her exposure. How cool is that?! It is a masterpiece!


Go ahead, grab your laptop, smartphone or tablet and visit the website, see for yourself how it enhances your browsing experience and how it tells the story of this wonderful brand. If you’re in the market for Web Design in Perth or anywhere else in Australia or the World, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Here is a short summary of the features we’ve included in this project:

• WordPress CMS Platform
• Intuitive admin back end menu
• Fully customisable look
• Animated 3D presentation slider
• Fully integrated, fully automated eCommerce Solution
• Automated eLearning facility with a payment module and certificate generator builtin
• Online Event Booking Facility complete with a payment module
• Newsletter plugin
• eCommerce Solution & Online Booking Facility directly integrated in Facebook
• Responsive Web Design, fit for any device
• Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
• Fully Automated Backup System
• WordPress Security System

If your website is not optimised and ready for mobile devices, then you may be losing lots of customers. In 2014 mobile device internet traffic had surpassed conventional desktop traffic. We design web sites that can be viewed on desktops as well as mobile devices. To make the website compatible and adapt itself to different devices with different resolutions and sizes, the Alien Intelligence responsive design approach will play a crucial part in developing any web application or website.

What other benefits are you getting by choosing the Alien Intelligence Responsive Web Design alternative?

Since 2014 Google rewards websites which are optimised for mobile devices, therefore your Google search ranking can improve by having a responsive website. By building a responsive website you are actually saving yourself money because conventional web design companies would have charge you for 3 different websites to accommodate for desktop, tablet and smartphone internet traffic. Lastly you will be saving yourself the time hassle of managing 3 different websites when in fact because a responsive website adapts to all screen sizes, it only needs one back end system for easy management. Clever huh? Have a look at our presentation video below and contact us today!

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